About Us

We are Spotlight Entertainment and our area of expertise is entertainment, whether it be at your place of business, wedding, home, or other private venue such as a school or group home.

We know for a statistical fact that entertainment brings increased revenue to a place of business such as a bar, club, lounge, or other location.  Statistics show that profits can increase by up to 80 or even 100 percent at some venues.  The goal of Spotlight Entertainment is to help your venue make money, and that's it.  We provide unmatched entertainment and an opportunity for your staff to make better tips while you increase your revenue.

Spotlight Entertainment provides karaoke and DJ services, however, it's not just karaoke.  It's a complete show.  We provide a highly charged atmosphere along with a sound system that's second to none for both singers and dance music.  The DJ works closely with the singers to provide a supportive environment in which the singers (especially new singers) feel comfortable and confident enough to give it their all.  In addition, the singers are surrounded by smoke and multiple lighting effects that enhance their overall stage experience.

Spotlight Entertainment has two main objectives:

  • Entertain Your Clientele
  • Increase Your Profits

It's a very simple philosophy, but we make it work.  Let us show you how we do it.

Steve Lindzy (owner and all-around nice guy) has worked with performance sound and effect lighting for over 26 years, as well as playing in the local music scene for over 20 years.  He enjoys working with the public and provides an energetic atmosphere everywhere he goes.  Just ask his fans!

For more information or to arrange bookings, contact Steve at:
(402) 208-4396